A recent study around the Value of Our Digital Identity by the Boston Consulting Group, shows that on average 76% of the people worldwide agree with the fact that they have to be cautious when sharing personal information online. Surprisingly, only 10% of the respondents indicated that they have taken more than 6 common privacy-protection measures, such as: update their social media privacy settings, opt out, etc. The same study also shows that consumers are up to 52% more willing to share information if they can manage their privacy.

This shows us that online application providers have a lot to gain from deploying security measures, like for example MIDIGIPASS.COM. Tools like this are designed to secure access to any online service, while at the same time giving the users control over their personal data. This results in the following 3 business benefits:

  1. Solid brand reputation: limit the chances of having your brand reputation tarnished in the wake of a possible user data leak or security breach.
  2. Higher customer engagement: expect to gain more knowledge about your users as they are more likely to share personal information with you if they can control their privacy settings.
  3. Competitive edge: as your users are inclined to share more personal information with you, you can tailor your offering to their needs much better than any of your competitors.

By applying the right security measures, you can give privacy control back to your users and offer them a more personalized experience of your service. Who would have thought that security would become a marketing requirement and business enabler rather than simply an IT cost?

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  1. Valuable information must be protected. Information is one of the most valuable assets of any enterprise, no matter what kind of product you are developing to handle it: a custom software or in-house automation solution. Its protection is a vital part of IT infrastructure. Make your life easier by integrating security into the solution.


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