Shane Stevens

2 posts - last post on 21 Dec 2016

Shane is the Director of Omni-Channel Trust and Identity Solutions at VASCO. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 15 years in product and holistic platform consulting across multiple industries.

Most recently he has been a key contributor to the strategy and development of a major enterprise security and business intelligence project along with the overall vision, strategy and development for a centralize Omni-Channel platform at BB&T.

Prior to BB&T he has focused on overall platform solutions both internal and external that incorporated a long term strategy, business continuity and the development of integrated user lead robust capabilities for enhanced user experiences that meet the user at their every touchpoint.

At VASCO he is focused on supporting Fintech and banking platform partnerships, security innovation and transformation, market insights, diverse industry engagement, business strategy and client needs assessment. Shane will serve as a bridge between VASCO customers and our world-class product development and management teams to ensure our customers and partners deliver the optimal security and user experiences across all channels.