Wim Abraham

Director Services @ VASCO Data Security

1 post - last post on 28 Mar 2014

I am passionate about security and services. It all started with an engineering and computer science background. My first job got me started in building security - designing and developing large building security systems.

In 1999 I joined VASCO Data Security. During my 15+ years’ career at VASCO Data Security I went through a variety of roles, though always customer focused.

I worked with several hundreds of VASCO customers worldwide, helping them to successfully deploy our security solutions in an effective way on large scale for their users.

Using this experience I modelled VASCO’s worldwide services organization to assist our customers’ in the best possible way. The VASCO services teams offers all possible services required for a successful project with VASCO, including but not limited to project management, analysis, design, installation, configuration, integration, training, support etc.

I am addicted to music which will get me in the right mood – bands like Placebo, Muse, Artic Monkeys, Guns 'n Roses, and many more get me going. I really enjoy my Fender Strat guitar while playing my favorite licks for hours and hours ...