fake Fortnite app

The following article, authored by Sam Bakken, a Senior Product Marketing Manager with OneSpan, first appeared 7/05/18 on App Developer Magazine with the original title “Avoid Mobile Cybersecurity Threats by Checking the Source”.  Earlier this month IT news organizations around the globe reported that Epic Games’ popular Fortnite app game was being counterfeited and malicious actors were, in fact, lacing… Read more

PSD2: Creating a Secure Execution Environment for Mobile Banking Apps

The following article, authored by Frederik Mennes, Senior Manager Market & Security Strategy at the OneSpan Security Competence Center, first appeared 06/2018 in German on IT Finanzmagazin. The revised Payment Services Directive, also known as PSD2, pays a lot of attention to the security of mobile banking apps, mobile payment apps, mobile wallets, and other apps that offer payment functionality…. Read more

At DeveloperWeek 2018 in San Francisco, I had a provocative question for mobile app developers: “Is mobile app security important to you, and if so, what are you doing about it?” The majority of developers I spoke with at the event agreed that security is important. However, when pressed for more detail, many could not describe the specific measures taken… Read more