Bug Bounty Program

Security is of utmost importance to VASCO as is maintaining a high security bar for our products and cloud services. As such, VASCO has launched a bug bounty program to expand the security evaluation of our products beyond our walls and tap into the large pool of highly skilled ethical hackers outside our company. The bug bounty program currently consists of two projects. The server-side project covers VASCO’s IDENTIKEY Authentication… Read more

What is the Heartbleed bug? On Monday April 7th, security researchers from Google and the Finnish company Codenomicon reported the so-called Heartbleed bug. Heartbleed is a flaw in OpenSSL, a software library implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) security protocol. SSL/TLS is widely used to protect communication via websites, e-mail, instant messaging, etc. It can be recognized by the prefix “https” or by a lock in the… Read more

HeartBleed OpenSSL Bug

On Monday April 7th, security researchers reported the so-called Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL, which is a cryptographic library implementing the SSL/TLS security protocol. With this communication we want to explain how this bug relates to MYDIGIPASS.COM and present the actions we have already taken and are taking to protect our customers. What is the Heartbleed bug? The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library that allows stealing… Read more