July 9, 2014 - Jan Valcke
Jan Valcke

As VASCO celebrates selling its 200 millionth DIGIPASS authenticator, Jan Valcke, President and COO of VASCO, shares his thoughts on the significance of this record setting milestone and what the future holds. In this 3 minute video, Jan provides insights into how VASCO is responding to the latest security threats by developing new solutions to improve identity and access management…. Read more

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Product Security Incident Response

I am happy to announce the launch of VASCO’s product security incident response process. This process stipulates the various steps that VASCO takes from the moment that a third party (typically a customer or researcher) reports a suspected vulnerability in a VASCO product until the moment that the vulnerability is addressed by VASCO, for instance using a product fix. In… Read more

HeartBleed OpenSSL Bug

On Monday April 7th, security researchers reported the so-called Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL, which is a cryptographic library implementing the SSL/TLS security protocol. With this communication we want to explain how this bug relates to MYDIGIPASS.COM and present the actions we have already taken and are taking to protect our customers. What is the Heartbleed bug? The Heartbleed bug is… Read more

March 12, 2014 - Ken Hunt
Ken Hunt, founder, CEO and Chairman of VASCO Data Security

Hi there, my name is Ken Hunt and I’m the founder, CEO and Chairman of VASCO Data Security. Since VASCO’s incorporation in 1997, online security threats and solutions to mitigate these threats have evolved, and continue to evolve, dramatically. In recent years, hacking attacks are commonplace and online fraud schemes have become more complex and advanced than ever before. Add to… Read more